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When You Have No Idea

I want to make art everyday, but realistically I make it about 5 out of 7 days a week. Sometimes I have the time to make art, but I have no idea what kind of art to make. I don't have any creative inspiration or funky concept to build on. These no-idea-days come when my mind is too busy with all of the many other things we have going on in life - like how do unicorns feel about outer space?

When no-idea-days happen, and they happen to us all, I have a few go-to subjects that I know I can always draw or paint on any day to get my feel good art vibes without the stress of dreaming up the perfect subject matter. One of those no-idea ideas is to draw faces. I know that I can sit and draw 9 to 12 silly faces in a sketchbook on any old no-idea-day.

To show you what I mean, here is a quick step-by-step process that you can follow if you are having a no idea day.

First, you get a few different drawing materials and you make some scribbles. Don't plan them out. It's more fun if they surprise you. I make at least 9 of them on one page, but you can always make more.

Next, add faces to those scribbles.

The last step, is to make them feel more complete by adding hair, clothing, or accessories. Let's fancy these folks up! I like the spontaneity of this and the results are always interesting. These are my favorite new friends. We're going to grab dinner after I finish this blog post.

By the way, my other go-to's for no-idea-days are flowers (I draw LOTS of flowers), simple shapes and lines, mixing two watercolor paints together on paper and watching them dry, and looking up a historical fact or fun quote to illustrate. So Happy No-Idea-Day to you! Go make some art and show me what you come up with! Check out more of my art (both with and without ideas) on instagram.

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