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Fun (and Easy) Summer Art Activities for All Ages

Sketchbooking: You can doodle, sketch from life, draw observations from your day, and more. You can use any materials you want, make a mess, and no one will need to see it (unless you want them too). All you need is a sketchbook and something use to make your mark. I do my sketchbooking first thing in the morning. A little watercolor doodle really gets my day started. If I have time, I do an afternoon sketch as well. How could you incorporate summer sketchbooking into your day?

Sand or Dirt Art: I find myself at a lot of camps this summer, carting kids to and fro. I don't mind a little dirt doodle if I have the time. Grab a stick and make a sketch in the mud. If you are heading to a beach this summer, the same process can be applied to drawing in wet sand. It's going to disappear eventually, so have fun and make some art. No need to worry what people will think of it. They'll probably never see it. Don't forget, sand or mud sculptures are also very fun artworks to make too!

Nature Art: Aside from dirt sketching, you can make other kinds of nature artworks. It's easy to make art with sticks, flowers, or leaves. Just collect a bunch of these items and arrange them in an interesting way. For example, collect dandelions and then organize them in a heart shape. Then walk away. Think about what fun it will be when someone happens upon your unexpected nature art. This is a fun one to do with the kids. And if you're really into it, there's a lot you can read about nature art or environmental art on the internet - so give it a google why don't ya?

Digital Art: This one is great for when you've had too much sun. Sit inside, download a free digital drawing app (I like Adobe Illustrator Draw), and make some sketches. You'll have a blast and stay cool at the same time. This is totally mess free and you'll learn a lot about digital art from exploring the wide variety of art apps out there.

Water Art: Bring some clean paintbrushes to the pool and draw on the pavement or pool deck with water. This can be very meditative and relaxing. It's another low to no-pressure art situation because your drawings are going to disappear. No one will see them. We did this a lot on our driveway in the prime Covid years. We filled the kiddie pool with water and paint brushes and went to town.

Chalk Art: This is a no brainer for me. Sit in the shade and draw on the pavement? Yes, please! Best to do it early in the morning though, so that the pavement doesn't burn your bottom.

What kinds of summer art projects are you working on? Any easy, daily art practices you incorporate in the summer months?

Don't forget, if you are very interested in the arts, take a peek at the summer art programs (like this) in your area. There are lots of great classes, camps, and workshops throughout the summer and into the fall. Search "art classes" and your town or city name to see what's available near you.

Have fun making summer art!

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