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"I Don't Like You"

A book about new friendships.

"I Don't Like You" Book

"I Don't Like You" Book

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"I Don't Like You" is a story about two characters, me and you. When they first meet, they do not get along (I think that is made clear by the title). After learning about each other, they discover that they really do like each other and a friendship begins. This new children's book is geared toward early elementary school aged readers from 4 to 8, but other ages will enjoy it as well.

I wrote this story after seeing so much hate and anger in the news. I thought, how can we teach our kids to work together, learn about new people, and find a way to compromise? From those thoughts, came this book. In the end, it is about friendship and kindness. I think we could all use a little more of that these days. 

"I Don't Like You" is an independently published book that was released in June 2021. The book was originally promoted through a Kickstarter campaign in March of 2021 resulting in wild success. Even though the Kickstarter is over, you can check out the original campaign here. And two of the book packages are still available for pre-order through my shop here.

Discounted wholesale pricing is available upon request. Please email me at for further pricing information.

Kindness children's book called I Don't Like You by Kristy Lankford.
Watercolor painting of the characters from "I Don't Like You" spelling out I heart you.
Items from the book launch for "I Don't Like You" like the book, stickers, finger puppets, and a postcard.
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