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To Color or Not To Color

Did anyone see the Saturday Night Live skit with Adele where four friends visit a fortune teller? It's one of the funniest skits they've done based on Covid times. In 2019 the fortune teller predicts their futures and tells them what will happen to each of them in 2020 and, well, it's pretty hilarious.

I bring it up because at one point the fortune teller predicts that Adele's character will be doing a lot of coloring in 2020. And to celebrate Adele and anyone else who is into coloring (like me!) I wanted to give you two free downloads. The first is a regular coloring page with lots of good areas to color in.

The second free download is a greeting card. You have two options here: first, color the flowers yourself and then mail to a loved one for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. The second option is to leave the image uncolored and let the recipient do the coloring upon receipt. The world is your coloring book and we are merely your crayons. Well, actually we are the coloring book in this case. You must provide your own crayons. Anyway...

The images are down at the bottom of this post! You simply have to right click and save or drag and drop to your desktop and then print. Easy as that. Please remember these downloads are for personal use only. You can read our whole copy right policy below.

While you’re here, please feel free to head over to my home page and sign up for my mailing list. We will use this to share the information about our new shop launch in early 2021. And check out the free downloadable wedding favor tags featuring my artwork on the blog over at mokoandco. She's also got a great new winter bag coming out which features another of our collaborations! Check her out!

Be sure to check back on Thursdays (usually, but sometimes other days as well) when we will post blog updates, free stuff, news from the art world, and more! I can tell you right now that printable ornaments are coming soon... Have a great day!


This artwork is property of Kristy Lankford Designs and is for personal use only. You may print these files as many times as you'd like, but commercial use is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from sharing, re-selling, or uploading to publicly available websites. By downloading this image, you agree to uphold the copyright agreement.

© COPYRIGHT 2020 - Kristy Lankford

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