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I'm a Loser and Proud of It

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

This year I have been thinking a lot about how failure and loss can really teach us how to be more successful and how to ultimately win. I started to think about how this is a helpful thing for kids to know too. Let's teach kids, it's okay to lose. In fact, it can be a really good thing. Losing or failing teaches a different set of skills than what you might learn from winning all the time.

If you win all the time, you lose the opportunity to build grit, set goals, and overcome obstacles. Do you see what I did there? If you win all the time, you lose!

Let's be honest, losing is not a fun or joyful process. However, I do think it builds life skills for a more successful adult. I think we need to focus on making the kids of today better people, so they grow up to be better adults. And maybe those kids who are able to lose gracefully and grow from that experience can teach us adults how to do the same.

Anyway, I wrote this cheerful poem for kids called "You Are a Loser" and I think you're going to like it. I'm posting an illustrated version of the poem here as a free printable, so you can print as many copies as you need for home, school, or the office. They even make a great Valentine's Day card. Nothing says "I love you" like a card that says "You're a loser." (Just right click and save the image below to start printing your own copy. And of course, it is not for individual sale).

If you're on my mailing list, I will include this in my latest newsletter along with a few other ideas on quitting, failing, and being lazy. And if you're not on my mailing list, what are you doing?! There is a free gift when you sign up. Get over to my main page and sign up now. Have a great day everyone! And go be a loser - you'll thank me.

(Just right click and save the image to start printing your own copies. And of course, this is not for individual sale. You can view my full copyright statement here).

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