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Easy Marker Art

I'm in the process of moving, which, I know, makes you all very jealous of me right now. The experience has not been all bad. We are very lucky to have lots of help. I have not, however, been making as much art as I normally do. This transitional time makes it difficult to sit down and put in several straight hours of work.

I've been working on a few different quick and easy techniques to keep me making stuff without using up too much time. One of these techniques is what I call "Easy Marker Art" and it involves NON waterproof markers and water. It shouldn't take very long aside from a little drying time in the middle of the process. Here's how you do it:


  • NON Waterproof Marker - I used Tombow dual tip markers

  • Paper - I like Canson mixed media paper, but anything with a little heft to it will work

  • Cup of water

  • Brushes (optional)


1. Draw whatever you like on your paper using your NON waterproof markers. Double check that you have NON waterproof/ washable markers because this process won't work without that factor. Keep in mind that what you draw will end up changing when you add water, so I would create patterns and designs rather than anything realistic.

2. Sprinkle water onto the marker art. You could also use a paint brush if that's easier. You can wet the whole page or you can sprinkle water or, better yet, try both!

3. This is where you need some wait time. Go grab some coffee and a cookie and relax. You'll need at least 10 minutes for it to dry depending on how much water you added.

4. Now you could stop here because you probably made a pretty fun looking piece of paper. But, you could also draw on top of it with pens or pencils or color pencils.

Other Suggestions:

  • Think about your color choices. If you pick opposite colors on the color wheel (see below), like purple and yellow, you will likely make a brown color when you add the water. Adding water mixes your colors a little, so think in advance about what those mixtures might make. I'm a fan of analogous color combos - colors next to each other on the color wheel. You usually get really nice color combos that way.

  • Work on more than one at a time. Since you do need to wait for the paper to dry, I think it makes sense to work on 2 or 3 at a time. That way you aren't too bored during the drying time.

  • You can use this decorative paper to make greeting cards, wrapping paper, collage paper, and more. Have fun!

  • This is a GREAT activity to do with kids. You can each make your own at the same time!

  • This does not require a lot of thinking or planning. In fact, you can't really plan because it's hard to predict what the paper will do once it's wet. Relax and enjoy the process.

Share your work with me on Instagram by tagging @risty5 or just email it to me here.


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