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This tote bag is perfect for carrying your "I Don't Like You" books! The front features an image of me & you, from the book, with the message "You're Great!"


Me is a blue circle and you is a yellow rectangle. The image comes from the cover of the book. The original image was created with watercolor, gouache, and color pencil.


In the story, me & you don't get along at first, but they learn to like each other's differences and become friends. This bag has a positive message along with the two characters - it is all about spreading joy and positivity while carrying your things around. 


Bags are made by moko&co. They are made of canvas and measure 10" x 12" with a 12" strap. 



"I Don't Like You" Tote Bag

  • A useful tote bag with the characters from "I Don't Like You" and the message "You're Great!" on the front. 

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