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This paperback book of "I Don't Like You" tells the story of two people, me and you, and the first time they meet. As you can guess, based on the title, their first meeting does not go well. "You are different and so - I don't like you." Well, that doesn't sound very nice.


With colorful illustrations that speak to children ages 4 to 8 and a rhythmic story that teaches kids to be kind and make new friends, all the people in your life, even the adults, with learn something from this short story. 


And here's the best part of all, me and you really do like each other in the end. Good news all around!


ISBN # 978-1-7368377-0-2


"I Don't Like You" Paperback Book

  • This story is great for parents and teachers of young children. It can be used to teach early elementary aged kids how to treat each other with respect. There are themes of anti-bullying, friendship, and kindness. The illustrations use primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, and simple geometric shapes that can help children with color and shape identification. 

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